26 December 2010

2010 News-Post 1-Intro to ESRA

Thank you to everyone who has taken an interest in ESRA!  

ABOUT ESRA: ESRA stands for English Speaking Residents Association.  ESRA is designed to offer Anglos three areas in which to be active.  These components of ESRA are:
  • Volunteering - Many volunteer projects have been implemented successfully by existing ESRA branches throughout the country.  New branches are encouraged to copy projects that have worked elsewhere and/or to implement projects that fit their particular community.
  • Community Action - ESRA branches strive to develop positive working relationships with government bodies and other community organizations, and to be productive members of the communities in which they are located.  Again, new branches are encouraged to get ideas from other branches and/or to implement their own ideas.  
  • Social and Cultural - Of course, in addition to all the good that ESRA members can do by volunteering and being active in the community,  there is a need to recharge through rewarding social and cultural activities.  These vary tremendously from branch to branch.
As you may know,  a new ESRA branch began about two years ago in Karmiel but that is far enough away that we believe there is a need for a separate branch here.  

About North Coast ESRA:  The North Coast ESRA steering Committee began meetings in November to lay the groundwork for starting an ESRA branch on the north coast.   If you are interested in helping to start the North Coast branch of ESRA, please contact us at north.coast.ESRA@gmail.com

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