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North Coast ESRA supports four volunteer programs.  Beneath the brief program descriptions, there is a form where you can register to volunteer or request more information.

Go-Coast Coordinator, Mick Jaron:  052-798-8616  mick.jaron@gmail.com
English for Schools Coordinator, June Kemp:  04-900-1182  juneboac@gmail.com
Befrienders Coordinator, Mick Jaron:  052-798-8616  mick.jaron@gmail.com
Bookstore Coordinator, Kenneth Margo:   052-428-0018  kennethmargo@gmail.com
Overall Volunteer Coordinator, Tonielle Reed: 077-494-1452 north.coast.esra@gmail.com

Go-Coast:  This is an outreach program to attract potential Anglo olim to the northern coast, and to help new olim integrate into the community.  The backbone of the program is the Go-Coast blog, where olim and potential olim can share information about living on the coast north of Haifa.  If you like meeting new people or writing, this could be the program for you.

ESRA English for Schools:  We work with high school students to provide them with some authentic practice for their oral English Bagrut.  Because most ESRA members are native English speakers, this is an easy volunteer opportunity.  We meet with students for 15 minute one-on-one conversations, in which we ask them about themselves and their school project. These are the same topics covered in the oral English Bagrut. 

Befrienders:  This program involved visiting with homebound individuals who would love to have a chance to visit with an English speaking guest.. 
2nd Hand Bookstore:  This program is still in development.  Even before we open the store doors, we will need volunteers to help set up and then will need volunteers to operate the shop.